26th June 2014

A non-fault claim could increase your premium by 5%

We all tend to think, with some justification, that although our premium may go up when we are the party at fault, at least we’ll be alright when the claim is in our favour. Won’t we?

The first misconception is that a claim can be non-fault, the blame factor is only there to allocate the liability to one party or the other. Ultimately, both parties risk factor will go up. If you have made a claim this year, expect your premium to go up next year, even you weren’t to blame.

Research by the AA reveals all;

  • More than one third of insurers will raise premiums after a single non-fault claim and 5% will raise premiums by 30%.
  • If you put in two non-fault claims, the majority of insurers will crank up premiums by between 10 and 50% and one insurer added a quite staggering 300% “loading”
  • Even the AA applies non-fault increases, although in fairness, not on one claim and only 8% after the second.

The Cash Option
So, if you have had a shunt and it wasn’t your fault what do you do? Clearly the extent of the work required would be a major factor but it is definitely worthwhile looking into paying for minor repairs yourself.

The same is true if the accident is your fault. If the resultant damage is minor on both vehicles, it is still worthwhile looking at the cost of paying for the repairs to them yourself. Hopefully, it would also remove the temptation for the other party to put in a personal injury claim.

Our own research shows that company fleet insurance can double or even triple after a claim heavy year and that’s a big chunk when you’re already paying five figure sums. It’s normally at this point that people start to worry about it.

Reduce the risk of making a claim in the first place!
The reason non-fault claims increase your premiums is simple. According to insurers, someone that puts in a non-fault claim is likely to then put in a fault claim. This is because poor driving standards often trigger someone else’s accident. We’ve all heard the old saying about little old ladies never having an accident in their lives but causing loads of them, well, so have the insurers.

Proactive, practical training pays. Seriously consider introducing a company-wide training programme, anyone with a company car or van should be educated in proper road craft. If you can prove the effectiveness of the training to your insurance provider, in other words, not having any accidents, they will to view you favourably.

Don’t just take our word for it, see our inside information from Milburn Insurance here.

Mixed lectures and on the road training, such as the Corporate Driver Training Day, offered by SAFEdrive are designed to raise awareness and engender a sense of responsibility in your staff.

These courses have been credited with saving time and money involved in accidents, but also injuries and downtime.

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