3rd April 2017

You really don't want to be caught speeding

Hefty new penalties have been introduced this month that could lead the a fine of up to £2,500, meaning that 2017 really should be the year you start paying a bit more attention to speed limits.

To start with, lets get it all down on a grid

Speed limit (mph) Recorded speed (mph)
20 41 and above 31-40  21-30
30 51 and above
41-50 31-40 
40 66 and above
56-65  41-55
50  76 and above
66-75  51-65
60 91 and above
81-90  61-80
70 101 and above
91-100  71-90
Sentencing range  Band C fine
(150% of relevant weekly income)
Band B fine
(100% of relevant weekly income)
Band A fine
(50% of relevant weekly income)
 Points/disqualification Disqualification for 7-56 days OR
6 points on your licence
Disqualification for 7-28 days OR
4-6 points on your licence
3 points on your licence

Remember that this is just a guide for the courts to work to. At their discreation you can be ordered to pay bigger fines, have longer bans or even be sent to jail. It also gets more complicated because the basic fine can vary slightly to take into account weight of traffic, weather conditions, etc.

We'll just illustrate it with a straightforward Band A (50% of weekly wage) penalty: Today, if you are caught doing 35 in a 30 zone or 85 in a 70 zone, you should expect to pay out £336 if your relevant income is £35,000 per year and get three penalty points. If you change those speeds to 55 in a 30 zone or 105 in a 70 zone, you will be in line of a Band C fine of £1,009 and either 7-56 days disqualification or six penalty points.

Even if you can afford the fine, the real pain is the points/disqualification factor. If you already have 9 points, you might hope that the magistrate is in a good mood and give you a relatively short disqualification, thus avoiding the six month ban that comes getting 12 or more points. Don't rely on it! The courts will probably come to the conclusion that a ban will do you good and hand you the points.

As we said at the beginning, it might be worth giving speed limits a little more respect, it could just save you a small fortune and a lot of hassle!

Final thought: In 2015, the average speeding fine was £188. Those were the days...

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