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The Facts


The number of business drivers involved in fatal road accidents every year!


The number of cars crashed whilst being driven for business use every single day of the year!

1 in just 8,000

The chance of a fatal road accident happening for every 25,000 miles driven!

Are you Properly Protected (and Protecting)?

Any organisation, in the public or private sector, that expects any employee to drive on business, now has a number of critical legal obligations to fulfil. And the law doesn’t distinguish between company car drivers or those using their own vehicle, a rented car or even a pool car – the employers’ obligations remain the same.

As the blame culture continues to gain traction in today’s ever more litigious society, victims of road accidents involving business drivers are increasingly looking to employers for proof of the vehicle’s suitability and roadworthiness together with details of what driver training has been provided. Recent legislation has also introduced the possibility some draconian penalties for the worst offenders.

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Excellent course that has a mixture of education and on the road practical application, gives you a better insight and understanding of how to look ahead and plan your driving to avoid any poor driving or accidents.

Amos Lyon | Signet

A great course, very content-full, increasing awareness of the unobvious road risks and car dynamics i.e. why the car behaves as it does in certain scenarios.

Ian Lyon | Signet

Very educational! Learn't a lot you can't learn in driving lessons.

Amanda Jay | Envoplan

Brilliant course. Thank you!

Victoria Stedman | Envoplan

Thought provoking.

Guy Harvey | Envoplan

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